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Scooters and Mopeds Repair | DIY and Save Time and Money


 Scooters and Mopeds Repair | DIY and Save Time and Money

250cc Cyclone by Icebear

Scooters and mopeds repair seems to be a very daunting prospect for new scooters and mopeds owners when it really doesn’t have to be. With a little do-it-yourself attitude and the proper parts and equipment maintenance and repair can be done by anyone with a little mechanical ability.

Don’t let the repair syndrome keep you from enjoying a new scooter or moped. There is enough information available online as well as off-line that almost anyone can make needed repairs to their equipment. There are any number of repair manuals and online information that can help you follow through with the needed repairs on your vehicle. has a maintenance category they can give you valuable information as far as taking care of and repairing your scooter or moped. We also have an excellent contact for parts.  So do not hesitate and dig into those repair jobs and find out how rewarding it can be.

While doing some research for this post I read this article by Mark A. Kemp and found some very good info that can be beneficial in doing your DIY projects. Mark writes excellent articles on scooter repair.

Own a Scooter? Save Hundreds – Be Your Own Scooter Mechanic

By Mark A. Kemp

Mark A. Kemp 377176 Scooters and Mopeds Repair | DIY and Save Time and Money

Scooters are a fun, cost-effective way to get from point A to point B. But the more miles we log, the greater chance ours will need to be repaired – a reality that can end up costing us hundreds of dollars in repair bills with every visit to the mechanic. The good news is that there is an abundance of high-quality scooter performance parts available today making do-it-yourself repairs an easy and, most importantly, an affordable option.
Identifying the Problem is Key The better we know our scooters and understand how it works, the better we’ll be able to find the right scooter performance parts and fix it our self. The best investment a scooter owner can make it is to buy a DIY repair manual that helps us better understand how our scooter runs and how to troubleshoot any performance issues.
Knowledge is Power The first step is to be able to identify the problem. But where to start? Any scooter lover can usually tell right away if his or her ride is sluggish and not running with the pep and zip it usually has. Perhaps it’s making a loud, screeching sound when you turn the ignition. Or worse yet, maybe it’s not starting at all. Here is a quick list of a number of common ailments and problem areas that are typically the best places to start: o Low or dead battery o Engine flooding o Drive Belt o Brakes o Electrical System o Ignition malfunction Anyone Can Become Their Own Mechanic Once we understand the basics of how our scooter operates, the rest of the job is relatively easy. With just a few common household tools, we can typically replace the scooter performance parts in a short period of time. If we can turn a screw or operate a socket wrench, we’ve got all of the “technical” skills we need to effectively repair our ride.
Get the Right Part for the Job Typically what seems to be a major problem with your scooter can be easily fixed with relatively inexpensive scooter performance parts. But it’s essential that we don’t skip on quality. Make sure to purchase our scooter performance parts from a trusted retailer. It can make all the difference between performing a quick fix that only lasts a few days or one that lasts for many miles down the road. We suggest having a few extra parts on hand so we can replace a part when our scooters need repairs to get back on the road quickly. Here is a list of the most common parts we should have in stock: * Engine Oil * Gear Oil (Transmission Oil) * Spark Plug (get an NKG) * CDI (Scooter Brain) * Drive Belt * American Made Fuel/Air Hose (5 feet) * Hose Clamps * 2 Amp Battery Charger All of these parts can be ordered for less than $100 and we’ll be able to repair our scooters in minutes and get back on the road again. Happy Scootering!
Mark Kemp is the Parts Manager of Chinese Scooter Parts and the go-to guy for High Performance Scooters.
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 Scooters and Mopeds repair can be interesting and above all a great way to save on the budget. Don’t let those repair issues intimidate you. Just collect the proper parts and information and I feel reasonably sure most people can perform most repairs to their equipment. You can check out our site, for parts and maintenance information.
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